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NISHAT is a renowned business leader – one of the most successful and diversified groups in Pakistan. We play a large role in three most important sectors in Pakistan – textiles, cement, power generation and financial services.   We meet the highest standards in each of our sectors. Our exceptional services include unrivaled textile manufacturing, a winning cement industry and trustworthy banking. The NISHAT GROUP has proven to be one of the largest conglomerates in Pakistan and continues to strive for global excellence.

Textiles (Nishat Linen)

NISHAT Mills Limited was established in 1951. The textile industry, making full use of its cotton resources, has played a fundamental role in the country’s industrialization. Pakistan is the eighth largest exporter of textile products in Asia. The textile sector not only contributes to the country’s GDP, but is responsible for maintaining a steady employment rate which makes up 30% of the country’s workforce. Spinning, weaving, processing (printing) and garment manufacturing constitute the textile value chain.From traditional ethnic shirts to high street fashion are all seamlessly represented in one store concept. We will also carry the largest variety of accessories imaginable. Shoes, bags, scarves, shawls, clutches, wallets and a dazzling array of costume jewellery. Designed for today’s woman – all at unpretentious prices.We aim to encompass traditional elements of South Asian design, fabrics and patterns that are revered the world over and incorporate them into contemporary, modern, western fashion that we feel will appeal to the North American consumer, regardless of ethnicity. Clothing that is influenced by traditional design but can be part of her everyday wardrobe. As globalization and the assimilation of cultures is becoming increasingly prevalent in the North American market, NISHA can be positioned to bridge the culture gap between South Asian and Western fashion and accessories, offering quality at competitive prices.